New album

Jimbo’s garage

out in summer 2022

Out in summer 2022

Jimbo’s Garage

From the upcoming debut album ”Jimbo’s Garage”

Jimbo Mäkeläinen – Drums, Keyboards
Taage Laiho – Vocals
Maya Liittokivi – Vocals
Kari Riihimäki – Guitar
Jari Riitala – Bass


New album, single out now!

New album, single out now!

Former Iron Cross & Lordi drummer Jimbo Mäkeläinen’s new project releases album. Jimbo’s Garage is a band that combines the hookiest elements of modern heavy rock and traditinal hard rock. And now they have released their first single from the upcoming debut...

Drummer’s Video & Audio Collection

Jimbo’s Garage



Riding on the Stormwind

by Ironcross | Too Hot to Rock


by Ironcross | Too Hot to Rock

Better Run Hard

by Ironcross | Too Hot to Rock

Paradises of Stars

by Ironcross | Too Hot to Rock

Eye for an Eye

by Ironcross | Demo 1989


Jimbo recorded all drums for the british band ”Wildkard’s” excellent album ”Megalomania” 2007


Album on Spotify


House of Mirrors

From albums ”Night flight to Paradise” 2004 and ”Desolation” 2006


On the Red line

Fallen leaf

Where are you now

Heart to heart

Spirit of freedom