Jimbo Mäkeläinen


>2018/02 – Hello by Jimbo´s Garage

>2016/08 - Studio recording session for upcoming album!


Burning the skies
Fire of Rock

House of Mirrors

From albums ”Night flight to Paradise” 2004 and ”Desolation” 2006

Vuoden yhtye

Nobody knows you when you´re down and out

Here Jimbo plays acoustic guitar with Kari Riihimäki

IHO - Intergalactic Huso Orchestra

  • Jari Mäkeläinen   drums & percussion
  • Teemu Mäkinen guitar
  • Jari Riitala bass & sequences
  • iho_outside


    I'm a Rocker!

    A fusion jazz-rocker

    Porsche 911 SC Targa